Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sumo Sam and Spam

It has been months since I've had this quirky Waikiki Salad from Sumo Sam made of soft waffles cooked with spam, shredded lettuce, dried shredded pork and Japanese mayonnaise. Listed on the menu as a breakfast meal inspired by Hawaii and its surfing culture, the salad promised to be one hefty meal all in itself.
But it turned out to be one of those meals that you think you'd remember and in doing so, you kind of regret having  a memory of a dismal dining experience. All this photo evokes is blandness and the lack of the tangy, processed meat (and other stuff not necessarily in the food category, I'm sure. But it's the kid of stuff that makes spam so much more addictive). It looked interesting on the menu but on my palate, it was  just a big giant wave that fizzled out even before the  surfer could mount his board.

It just made me miss the Spam Jam restaurant in Robinson's Galleria around 2004 or 2005.

A. had better luck, though with his Wagyu rice and fish tempura. The cream Dory was well-cooked and the batter just light and spiced moderately so that when you dip it the golden brown piece into the dipping sauce, the fish meat was coated with a right amount of flavors.
The Wagyu rice, had enough amounts of flavorful beef pieces. and the rice fluffy yet sticky enough to enjoy the meal on chopsticks.

It will definitely take some time before I go back again to Sumo Sam to sample their other dishes but I have definitely not crossed it out off my list.

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  1. I like Sumo Sam too. Great food and substantial servings make it worth my money everytime.