Sunday, March 8, 2015


This is the black Kutsinta.
It's always intimidating to eat anything black because it could be:
a) Burnt
b) Spoiled
c) Made of something unfamiliar

The kutsinta wasn't any of the above. It wasn't flavored (you were probably thinking squid ink, right?) and tasted like regular rice cake- gelatinous and starchy.   When you bite into it, the color doesn't stain your lips or teeth. The black kutsinta gets its color from molasses (purong asukal was the term used) and they don't add any other flavoring or coloring like achuete (annato seeds).
Instead of freshly grated coconut, the kutsinta was topped with toasted coconut bits and a caramel sauce. The combination, not the color, is what made this kutsinta more special.

This home-made treat can be ordered from Cora's Kutsinta in Navotas.

Address:17 Judge A. Roldan Cabrera St., San Roque, Navotas City. (Near the Barangay Hall)
Telephone: (632) 351-55-13


  1. Hello, what flour did you use to your bkack kutchinta? Did you use starch also? Hoping for your kindly message.. Thankyou and Godbless..