Sunday, March 22, 2015


Early on in my life as a blogger,  I was a very angry soul because I worked in Makati, the root of all traffic. My oasis back then was Apartment 1B in Salcedo Village.

These days, working freelance I find myself less angry but more hungry for things that feed the soul. Like art.
This morning, I got a megadose of creativity at the Art in the Park in Salcedo Village. Despite the stifling heat, Velasquez Park was packed with socialites, celebrities, art collectors, artists, gallery owners and pretentious bitches like me whose lives depend on a budget but want to breathe in art they can't afford.

There were a lot of work that interested me but they were all dark and painful. Not the kind I was ready to bring home. After doing the rounds of the gallery tents, the hubby, along with friends decided it was time to find a place to eat. My go-to place in the area is my former jaunt, Apartment 1B. 

I was so glad to be greeted by Mang Aga, the whistling security guard who was my company most nights I spent in the restaurant while waiting for Makati traffic to die down.
Click on the pic or here to watch Mang Aga whistle
For starters we had Crabcakes (made of lump crabmeat, served with a nest of shoestring potatoes on top and salad greens with mustard dill sauce on the side)--

There used to be 3 pieces of these in 1 serving! Now they only have 2.
 --and baked Samosas (Mushrooms, Spinach and Cream cheese in a flaky puff pastry).
Consistently creamy, one of my favorites!
While I decided to just have the house salad (with greens, walnuts, grapes, blue cheese and raspberry vinaigrette)--

the hubby lunched on Grilled Porkchops.
You can ask to have a side of rice instead of mashed potatoes with your chops
I noticed some of the serving portions have become smaller (the pork chop slices are thinner now) but I don't mind since the food still tastes great.

Address: G/F Unit 1-B, One Lafayette Square, 132 Sedeno St.,  Salcedo Village, Makati 
Telephone:  (02) 843-4075

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