Thursday, March 19, 2015


This not the spawn of a sea cucumber and a Lastikman.
Love me tendon, love me true.
This is Suan Bao Niu Jin, entirely made of litid (beef tendon), braised in a savory sauce of scallions, oil, aniseeds and gingers.   The tendon, also called bone gristle, is a 'soft' cartilage that connects the muscles to the bones of bipeds and quadrupeds . It's tough and takes a loooong time to cook and has a gelatinous texture (translate: slimy) which makes it fall under the "acquired taste" category (read: weird). But is rich in collagen which purportedly promotes better skin, hair and joint functions, giving you one good reason to try it.

I found this at the  Little Store on the Hill in San Juan, a hole-in-the-wall destination for foodies who like Chinese dishes.

When I find myself in the area, I make it a point to go there to have some sariwang lumpia (fresh spring roll).
The filling of crushed peanuts, garlic, nori (seaweed), fried rice noodles, carrots, singkamas (turnip) and togue (bean sprouts) are wrapped in a thin, egg-based spring roll wrapper.  
The mix of crunchy and soft textures, and the leafy and tangy flavors in one roll is put together by the viscous dark brown sauce made with soy sauce, brown sugar and lots of garlic.

Address: 2 Jose Abad Santos Street Little Baguio , San Juan, Philippines
Phone: (632) 721-2359

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