Saturday, June 25, 2011

FOOD FIND: Bangus Tocino (Sweet Cured Milk Fish)

Saw this in the Supermarket... Century Tuna's Bangus Tocino.
 Tried it today. it thawed easily enough and though the fish meat looks a little too brown for comform once it's thawed, it does cook well. Of course, just not as pretty as the fish cuts you see on the packaging.

 The fish takes some time to redden (smaller amount of salt peter or salitre than the pork tocino variety, I suppose)  and caramelize but it tastes just like tocino. It's not malansa (fishy) but you do get to taste the bangus (milk fish) after all the sugar has melted away in your mouth.  For a tocino, it's not  dispapointing.

And nope, this is not some paid blog.