Friday, June 3, 2011


I just saw this documentary today, while  thawing frozen burger patties and snacking on imported corn chips with bottled cheese dip.  This documentary will either enrage you, frighten you or let you develop a conscience when it comes to buying and cooking food.

I know many will say that it's a food documentary that affects Americans, not us. But realizing that the WTO does not limit nor regulate what is imported here in the Philippines is all the more scary.

Recently, a number of sports drinks were recalled by the Philippine Department of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA, formerly BFAD) for containing DEHP, a plasticizer, a biochemical component  commonly used in concretes and plastics to make them more fluid and pliable. In drinks, they are used to make the drink more "cloudy", even if the endocrine-destroying chemical is not of food grade level. One of the most common plasticizer is the epoxidized soybean oil (used to replace palm oil in most food ingredients). I woudn't be surprised if Monsanto, one of the establishments criticised in the documentary is the main global producer of this product. After all, they created the GMO soy bean.

This blog could easily be criticised as a gullible reaction to some paranoid, conspiracy theorists. Hysteric even. But all you just have to do is read the label of the food product right beside you. Unless you're an organic freak, most probably you'll read through a list of ingredients you can't even say out loud. 

I say, since I've probably been eating genetically modified crap that will eventually kill me (not to mention my smoking), I want to spend my remaining days pain-free and happy with what I eat.

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