Thursday, June 2, 2011

Food find: Leche flan cake

Waiting for the Kung Fu Panda movie screening to start at the New Eastwood Mall left me and my friends time to window shop. But instead of  the usual shoes and shirts, we window shopped the products of the Weekend Gourmet Market. And I shouldn't even use the term 'window shop' is the wrong word as the booths are mainly made up of one-meter tables.  

There was a lot to see and sample, including sugar-free Brazo de Mercedes and Russian Cookies, but  I chose to buy a Leche Flan Cake. 

Here's my midnight snack after  seeing the Panda save China and achieve inner peace at the same time.


  1. Hello, this is kath of Unang Hirit, GMA7. In line with the Christmas season,we're interested in featuring your "sugarfree" recipe for leche flan. If you're interested, please do contact me at 09227731311 or 09173982240 asap. Thank you.

  2. Hi Kath, my food finds in this blog are food products made by other people and I just write about them because I love the way they taste.

    Please visit the market mentioned above to get a hold of the bakery who makes the sugarfree leche flan. Thank you and more power to unang hirit.