Friday, June 3, 2011

Food Find: Fried Siopao

I have posting like crazy these past few hours, making up for lost blogging time during the busy monthy of May.

This is the last of my posts for at least the next 72 hours (and hopefully my next post will include a recipe).

I discovered this about a month ago while doing some shopping at 'Market! Market!' for work (yep, some of my work requires me to shop. Unfortunately, I don't get to shop for myself). I was hungry and wanted to eat near a smoking area so I didn't have to walk far. And I saw the DEC stall, thinking that I will just have a shake. But then in the estante (glass display case), I saw edible stuff that I am cosmically drawn to... fried food!
 And sittng on one of the foiled melamine trays was a promising food experience- the fried siopao.
So I got myself some ad took home a couple for A. to snack on.
The bun had a crispy outer skin and the inner dough was a little chewy but I couldn't really complain, it was selling just for P15 a piece. Like many commercially made buns, the filling was not a hefty serving but the sweet and slightly salty, red shredded pork asado was tasty enough for me to finish a bun.
Like the steamed siopao variety, this is best enjoyed warm and not reheated.

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