Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's my Knife!

I know... I know... paraphrasing the Bon Jovi song, "It's My Life" will surely date me but I don't care. I've got my Tramontina knives.  I discovered them while looking for a good knife for my brother, Angelo, who is a culinary student.
 The ones I got were from the Onix collection, made of stainless steel. It's supposedly  heat-proof and non-stick but what I really like about it is it's light weight and perfect for my small female Asian hands.

Often, we think that just because a knife is heavy, it's top quality and the best for use in the kitchen.
While my knives may be perfect for me, they may be too small or lightweight for heavier built cooks.   My rule of thumb when buying knives is "to each his own". It should fit into your hand comfortably and should weigh just enough so your hand muscles don't get strained after long hours of prep work. 
If you haven't found  the right knife yet, happy hunting!

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