Saturday, April 2, 2011

Food Find- Bacon In Your Chocolate?

Was walking outside the mall when I spied a poster, one that said "bacon" on a chocolate bar wrapping. Needless to say, I marched right in the beauty store and brought myself a bar of Machiavelli's Bacon Chocolate.

The P300 bar of 30 grams of chocolate sprinkled with bacon bits might be a bit too steep but I just had to taste it.

The milk chocolate bar looks like any other regular bar...
...but when you turn it on its flipside,  you will see hints of the bacon bits.
The milk chocolate seems to have low cocoa content, no trace of bitterness (wish we could use the same description about some people) and the sweetness is not overwhelming. Nothing special. However,  this helps the taste of the salty and crunchy bacon bits to come out.

After taking a bite, the slightly sweet chocolate melts on your tongue and the saltiness of the bacon bits says hello to your palate.  It's an interesting combination,  a new chocolate adventure.

 I wonder now if you can have a salted bacon strip brushed with chocolate, served with toasted bread, scrambled eggs and fresh OJ for breakfast.

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