Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Food Find- Adobong Bangus sa Dilaw na Luya

Bangus or milkfish is the most common fish in the Philippines. It's usually cooked fried (prito), in sour soup with a tamarind or guava base (sinigang) or grilled (inihaw). One way to cook it is to cook it in vinegar and spices (paksiw). I find that  mostly people who grew up in the provinces or people in the 35  and above demographic are more familiar with this way of cooking. 

Finding the Adobong Bangus sa Dilaw na Luya  at the Bangus restaurant in Galleria was such a pleasant surprise for me. I am thinking that they called it adobo because it's also cooked in vinegar.  
 What is great about the dish is that the acidity of the vinegar is just on the outer layer of the fish. The meat retains the natural sweetness of the fish . The sauce, flavored by the pungent yellow ginger  and the acidity of the vinegar,  enhances the sweetness of the fish meat which remains intact and succulent,  especially the fatty stomach (tiyan) part.

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