Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pata Tim with Cua Pao at Hap Chan

During errand days, I make sure to give myself a treat. Last errand day was done with A. and lunch was something we hadn't eaten for a long time, Pata Tim!
We decided to eat at Hap Chan because it was the nearest source of braised pork leg.
We got the meal started with hot tea, of course.

And when I looked at the menu, I began to crave for some Salt and Pepper Pork Spareribs with Diced Chicken and Salted Fish Fried Rice, a winning combination I discovered in the late 90s. I also find that this combination goes so well with black vinegar.
And A. of course, ordered the Pata Tim with cuapao.
The braised pork in the sweet sauce can be sliced and used as filling for the steamed pao. Hap Chan's Pata Tim isn't as richly flavored as I expected. I was missing the sweetness of the Hoisin sauce and the appetizing aroma of sangke (Star Anise). The pork, though was  very tender and slid right off the bone.
To remove the "umay" factor from the meal, I paired the double pork and rice combo with a Hong Kong style hot lemon soda.

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