Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tokwa, Mami and the Kindness of Strangers

I have never eyeballed (EB) anyone this past decade that I have been a netizen (the term simply dates me, doesn't it?). But this afternoon, I made time to meet up with Glendz, a young woman from Tarlac who has been chatting me and A. up about a project we all would like to come into fruition. She would always be up in the wee hours- exchanging ideas, stories and good vibes.
Myself, Glendz and A.
She lives in Tarlac, a province a few hours away from bustling Manila. And when she had the chance to go to Manila, she asked to meet up with us if only to give us the mami and tokwa that she and her father make.  Only because we were nice to her on line. It was the most thoughtful thing any one had ever done for me for the longest time. Her touching deed strengthened my belief that people are innately kind. 
What do two bowls of hot noodle soup and a plateful of tofu have to do with kindness, you ask? Nothing and everything. She owed us nothing and we never expected anything from her. This simple act of kindness, just shows that you can find goodness in people, even online.

So, as I sip the tasty, hot broth while writing this short piece, I salute her. Her good thoughts warmed me more than the mami did (altough I have to say, it is really goooood). Thank you, Glendz, for this act of kindness.

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