Tuesday, September 8, 2009


...was terribly unproductive. The most that the universe got from me was 6 hours of reading fan fiction filled with juvenile angst, 15 minutes of making dinner (omelette and mango shake) and 10 minutes of dish washing. 

So to make it up to the universe, I decided to put up this blog. Now.

I don't think anyone will actually be reading my blogs but if you are, here's what you can expect:

NO OBSESSING This is just some place to write my experimental recipes, different ways of cooking one dish and making use of left overs so don't expect me to go all Julia Powell, though, and obsess about some other person's recipes.

I live with my partner of 17 years, A., so most of my recipes cater to his palate which tends to favor salt, fat and carbs. I do make healthy stuff once in a while if I can avoid making them taste like cardboard or some other pulp that was intended for writing on and not mastication.

LOW-TECH I only have the simplest of kitchen equipment in our modest two-bedroom apartment. So most of the cooking process will involve them as well. If your equipment is hi-tech then good for you but don't go asking me about how to operate them.

We also invite friends over at least once a week so the recipes will mostly be good for four people. The title of the blog is Cooking in Small Spaces, not cooking for two.

A BIT OF THIS AND THAT I also like to go to the wet market, eat out and travel so expect a few reviews here and there.

I SUKC AT TYPING I am not an English major and I suck at typing. Please feel free to point out my mistakes so I can correct them.

NO TO CENSORSHIP I am an advocate of freedom of expression and you can type in any shit you want about my blogs but expect me to type back shit at you.

SHARE If you want to share yours or help me improve mine, feel free to do so. Any recipe culled from a book or provided by a person other than me will be acknowledged.

So now that's been said, my imaginary reader. Let me go onto my next blog and first recipe.

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