Monday, September 14, 2009

Bad Banana Chips at 1521

I was a history geek in elementary and high school.  Getting myself exempted from the final exams of Ms. Galang, our Grade 6 elementary teacher was one of my proudest moments as a nerd.

Fast forward 25 years later... I am at 1521, the year-old resto of a former elementary classmate, Tanke. It is our class reunion and Tanke is showing me her graduation photo with Ms. Galang beside her. The photo brings a smile to my lips as do the gathering of the people in front of me. Usually class reunions are a gut-wrenching experience, what with having to fend off questions about not having children, weight gain and upwardly mobile careers.

Last night was different, though. Everyone seemed so much more comfortable and the talk flowed as freely as the food and drinks.  Throughout the night, one or two people would cringe when they would be called by their complete first names, the ones that we have been able to hide from colleagues and clients. The names only our mothers would use if they were mad at us.  

It was a night of rediscovering our shared histories and connections. All of us thanking technology for keeping us in touch, making us all realize that the world isn't as big as Magellan probably thought it was.

I am sure to write more about all the delicious fare that 1521 offers, so watch out for it. In the meantime, I leave you with a pic of the resto's highly addictive Bad banana chips and a bit of musical history from Yoyoy Villame :-)

1521's Bad Banana chips are hot!


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