Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taking a break for Ondoy Survivors

If you are abroad and looking for ways to donate but don't want to send it to government agencies, I suggest you send it to private foundations who would have resources to buy goods and disseminate them to typhoon Ondoy survivors.

Here are the links that should take you to pages that allows you to donate by sending cash or check and via credit card.



I understand they're waiving remittance fees for donations from abroad. 

For people in the US- American Red Cross at 1.800.435.7669. Please choose the 3rd option - international donation and let the operator know that your donation is for the Ondoy typhoon vi...ctims in the Philippines.


I know it's different from actually holding out your hand to console someone who's survived a tragedy but we do all we can. Anything that helps will be appreciated.

Another way for us to prevent this from happening is to let others know how pissed of we are with the national, local governments and the NDCC for not being prepared. Because this was a real WTF moment where you find yourself scratching your head and asking yourself. "Where did all our taxpayers money go?"

Natural disasters are inevitable in this time of extreme climate change and we need a government that realizes this and acts on it. So please do exercise your right to vote in 2010 and exercise it by educating yourself, the new voters in your family, your househelps and their families. Ask them to really think about who they think can do good for them and not base their ballots on who has the the loudest celebrity endorser or cutest campaign TVC--to look at track records and to understand and ask about political platforms.

Sadly, it is in horrific moments like these that you  get to realize how much you love the Philippines and  your fellow Filipinos.  But we don't all need to be dead heroes to show our love. We just need to be citizens who do our part.

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