Saturday, August 20, 2011

Food Find: RegRub Burger

I thought, this Metrowalk burger stall...

was owned by this guy.
Photo by Kevin Cayuca for Party Pilipinas

Until I realized hat the stall name was just 'burger' spelled backwards and that Reg Rubio of Greyhoundz, Greyhoundz, who gets 20,000 FB impressions when he says good night to his fans,  is too cool to put up a burger joint.  Silly me.
Just so I could ask the kuya who was in-charge of the joint if the rocker owned it, I bought a burger. (No need to tell me about my stalker fan habits). I got the Pesto Cream Cheese Burger.

The P95-peso burger was flame grilled 

and topped with cold pesto cream cheese.

The burger was just hot and juicy enough and not heavily marinated, the cold pesto cream cheese a great add-on flavor.

It was a filling answer to my fan curiosity. Like Reg Rubio, this flame-grilled burger rocks!

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