Thursday, August 18, 2011

Casa Bongga sa Sarap!

To be fed by friends is always a treat. And to be fed by friends who know what a good meal is cause for celebration. Recently had to do an interview with two good friends, P. and A. They are not an item but are BFF's and recently chose to be housemates in a house they christened as Casa Bongga. Both are flamboyant drama queens who can make a pregnant pause give birth to a plethora of scenes fit for an Oscar moment.

 The Casa Bongga drama queens at their housewarming party.

Photography: Frances Makil-Ignacio
When it comes to food, though, they are pretty straightforward. Tasty, filling meals are their specialty.  On my first visit to their French Boudoir inspired house A. made laing, dried gabi (taro) leaves cooked in coconut cream while P. made dry-rub herbed Pork Chop.
The gabi leaves were mushed up to creamy perfection (not watery at all) and the coconut cream was  infused with a lot of chili and the fat of the tender pork that was used to sautee and spices.
The chops were the size of a grown man's palm and covered with the herbs used for the dry rub. I only have three words: Crispy, salty, fat.

For the past year, I have lessened my intake of carbohydrates, rice in particular. My visit to Casa Bongga was a major back slide for me, having eaten at least 10 cups of rice, I think. But all the carbs I took in triggered a truckload of serotonin and  made me so dizzy with happiness, everything else after the meal was a blur.

Since then, the memory of that hearty meal at Casa Bongga is one happy place I always go back to when confronted with a lonely styro-packed meal. Thank you P and A for one great food memory.