Saturday, August 20, 2011

Food Find: Connie's Kitchen

This food find was discovered by accident when A. and I recently had to visit a friend at the Mount Carmel Church for her mom's wake.  Though we are not highly superstitious people, we observe the Filipino practice of 'pagpag'. After a wake, one is supposed to stop by a public place,  usually a coffee shop or a convenience store for us, where one shakes off the trail of death that may be following you.

Just a corner away from Mount Carmel, is Connie's Kitchen, the first deli stall of the brand known for their bottled seafood products. I have been using the brand's bottled tuyo and daing for my pastas and decided it might be worth a peek.

The small deli was packed with an assortment of refrigerated perishable meats and cheeses, a whole wall of their bottled products and imported pastas and  legumes. I even saw a paellera at the bottom of a shelf.

They had an interesting choice of cheeses from Mambos and a few imported brands. I got the smoked Keson puti. For those who like really salty cheese, you might want to hold back on this one as it is not salty at all. The infused smokiness and the firmer texture makes it an interesting cheese, though.
I also saw packs of vietnamese coffee in a corner but decided to forego purchasing it as I still had half a lifetime's worth of coffee at home.
Aside from the fresh frozen suahe (shrimp), the best food finds there are the microwaveable Duck Sisig...
ad the surprisingly refreshing Mint Merengue which tastes like Colgate Lite on a bed of sugar (sinfully funny in my mind).
So if you find yourself in the area, you may want to pass by and find yourself a treat in this little deli by the corner.

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