Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adobo Connection at the New Eastwood Mall Food Junction

 I have always said that adobo will always be the hardest recipe to give any restaurateur success. Any adobo you make will always be compared to the home-cooked version every paying customer will associate with good memories at the family dining table. That's very hard to compete with.

So I was Amazed to find Adobo Connection at the Eastwood Mall's Food Junction. 

This relatively new food court looked promising. A second floor walkway from New Eastwood Mall leads to the well-lit dining place. Going inside, one will find only a hand full of food stalls.

Adobo Connection looked like the most promising food court stall.

 From more than a dozen adobo recipes, I picked the Mestizang Adobo,
which I discovered was just a starchy version of Lechon Paksiw.

A. picked the Modern Adobo...
which he described as vinegar-laced afritada.

The P100 peso meals were filling but you still end up missing your mom's home-cooked adobo.


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