Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cafe Lawis, Bohol

The Bohol mainland as seen from the Dauis Pilgrim heritage Center

Most tourists come to Bohol for some sun, sand and skimpy bikinis, often missing out on Bohol's other beautiful sights and gastronomic delights like Cafe Lawis inside the Dauis Pilgrim Heritage Center beside the Señora de la Asunción Shrine.

Sitting on the edge of Panglao island, the idyllic town of Dauis and its community of 36,000 is the first to welcome visitors from the Bohol mainland.  Aside from the Hinagdanan caves, the shrine is the only  other tourist attraction there and it has been undergoing a Rennaissance program that hopes to turn it  into a pilgrimage centerfor Marian devotees and a tourism hub to promote the town.

Cafe Lawis al fresco dining area

If you do find yourself in the area, one should not miss Cafe Lawis and the Handumanan Shop located in the picturesque rectory courtyard. While the souvenir shop probably earns its daily take from the Marian souvenirs like rosaries and laser stickers, the interesting items are the crafts made by local artisans. If you have spare cash or plastic, get a miniature colorful handcrafted urna picture frame.  Authentic Boholano urnas, tabletop shrine for religious images, are known for its elaborate carvings and are very hard to come by.

Urna picture frame from Handumanan Shop

Manned by well-trained locals, the cafe serves  pasta, pastries and a sufficient coffee and fruit drink selection. For visitors, the recommended snacks are those that highlight local flavor like the Kinampay (ube) cupcake and pork Humba panini.

Its best offering however, is the Souffle cake available in Tsokolate Eh, Kinampay (purple yam or ube) and Ginger flavors. The cake is prepared only upon being ordered and though it takes a good twenty to thirty minutes, the warm delight is worth waiting for. It comes in a long plate ceramic plate containing the puffy cake, a shot glass of Tsokolate Eh and a serving of vanilla ice cream. Using your teaspoon, you break the cake at its center and pour the Tsokolate Eh. Get a moist piece and get bit of ice cream before taking this bit of heaven into your mouth.  

Tsokolate Eh Souffle Cake

The Kinampay is just as scrumptious but we didn't get to eat the ginger version as we are not fans of the spicy root.


  1. thank you very much. =)

    -DRCI Management and staff-

  2. sayang gyud la ko ka ngari pag-uli nko :( but next time hopefully naa pa ni nga cafe :)

  3. do u know wats there contact number?

  4. Cafe Lawis
    Poblacion Dauis
    Bohol, Philippines, 6339
    Call Dory – (Manager) Telephone :+63 38 411-4904, 411-4396, 502-2150, 501-7557
    Cell phone Dory (Manager): +63918935-9182

  5. Here's the link to their website :D

  6. They have a free wifi sign but watch out they will add you to your bill an enormous amount of money for electric bill for using your computer inside while eating. Visited about 5 times and never bothered to look at my bill until my last visit. I refused to pay because they did not disclose it that they charge $150 for plugging your computer in their outlet. That was my last visit at Cafe Lawis food was okay not cheap.