Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I ate flowers at the Bohol Bee Farm

Have you ever eaten...





and Ternate?

I haven't magically turned into a flower chomping goat. The floral feast was served to A. and myself at the Bohol Bee Farm. We went to their resto at the Island City Mall and the resort in Panglao island for some gustatory experience.

   The floral Pizza bread 

   The Ham comes with a garden

   And so do the prawns

The flowers themselves don't really taste different from, well, flowers. The tangy dressing pretty much took over the palate. I just don't know if I could replicate the salad here in Manila using my neighbor's blooms.

Other notable eats:

The Halanghalang Soup made with coconut cream, chicken, carrots, yellow bell pepper, upo (bottle gourd), tomatoes, red onions, ginger and (I think) a pound of siling labuyo native chili.

The Malunggay Ice cream actually tasted like Avocado and not leafy at all. You can also have it with the cabcab (cassava) cone.

The buttery Mango spread was so good, A. and I got more than two dozen bottles to give as pasalubong.  


  1. wow! such gastronomic adventures :-)

    kapatid, talagang nakakain ang flower. teehihi! ang sarap pakinggan pag narinig mo -- "nakakain na ako ng katuray at ternate!" LOL

  2. mas makulay ang salad nila. sa Sonya's, rose petals lang ang kasama. :-)

  3. Love cosmos flower, yelow flower verry cute! Katuray cutey flower.
    press me