Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I like neighborhood restos. Most are unpretentious and cozy. It's like having lunch at your house but not. Had the chance to eat at Lula’s House of Kare-kare, along Major Dizon Street in Marikina. It’s usually a quiet street unless the Katipunan traffic goes into overdrive and motorists find themselves taking a short cut to Marcos highway via this residential area.

Since the resto owner tagged itself as a  "House of Kare-kare," I expected a selection of Kare-kare but there was only one- oxtail. My expectations were raised. After all, if you named your resto after one dish, then it must be truly outstanding.

So when it came, warm and neatly presented in a white ceramic bowl, I quickly spooned a portion into my plate, along with the bagoong.

The dish was a classic concoction of oxtail, tripe and vegetables in a peanut-based stew with a side of bagoong alamang. The orange-brown broth was bright and appetizing but watery and not as 'malapot' as what I'm used to. The peanut-y taste was not evident so I'm guessing they either used freshly ground peanuts or imported peanut butter which  tends to be blander

I would probably eat there again but I can think of other restaurants that serve Kare-kare I would truly crave.

8 Pres. Roxas St. cor. Major Dizon St.
Industrial Valley Subdivision,  Marikina City

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