Saturday, July 16, 2016


Are you into weird food? I am.

Not that I like the taste of most weird food but I like to take my chances. You never know if you come across a discovery of a lifetime.  According to Allison Spiegel, food writer and editor for Huffington Post, chocoalte chip cookies, crepes and potato chips were all discovered by accident.

The hubby was out dining at Alab he texted me if I wanted him to bring home Laing and Kamote Ice Cream, I immediately said "Yes!"  

Why are these flavors weird? 

Kamote-Q or for the less street savvy- Camote Cue, is a street food made of sliced sweet potato fried with brown sugar and skewered on a stick often sold as merienda (snack).
As an ice cream, the inherent sweetness of this street food puts it to an advantage. What you miss in the ice cream is the starchiness you get in every bite of the fried version. I wonder if this would work better if they had swirls of honey or brittle brown sugar crystals.

On the other hand, Laing is a bicolano dish made of gabi leaves, coconut cream, chili and pork.You heard me right... pork! 
I was expecting to gag and spew on the first spoonful but lo and behold... it tasted like Matcha (Green tea) ice cream. There was no trace of pork or chili. It works as an ice cream but it does not taste like laing.

Here's to weird food, the people who make them and suckers like me who will try anything in the name of food.

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