Thursday, January 8, 2015


I grew up loving the taste of Yakult, a drink made of skimmed milk and a special strain of the lactic acid bacteria L. casei strain Shirota.

Why in the world would anyone want to drink bacteria? 

Don't be so squeamish, at any given time, these microscopic creatures are all around us. In fact, there's like 200-700 of those critters inside your mouth right now, depends on how good your oral hygiene is. The bad ones give us crappy colds and good ones, like the Shirota strain bacteria are often found in food we eat like yoghurt, pickles and dairy products. It produces lactic acid that helps the breakdown of food, improving the proper function of our gastrointestinal system. 
Don't shoot! They're the good guys!
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The Yakult shake from Ryu, is a refreshing drink and dessert. Frozen Yakult turns into slushy ice and is flavored with a bit of sweet strawberry syrup which blends well with the creamy and citrusy tang of the cultured drink.  Just remember,  don't suck it all in at one go or you'll get brain freeze.

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