Monday, January 12, 2015


Was in Tagaytay recently and passed by the Bahay Pastulan of the Good Shepherd sisters for some pasalubong.  Found out that it has transferred to a new compound along the Tagaytay - Sta. Rosa Road since 2013.

At the new compound (which has a bigger parking space and a lot of landscaped areas), I got some halayang ube, ube dimples, snowballs, leche flan, bottled tawilis and the cuchi-pan, pandan-flavored kutsinta (sticky rice cake).
What attracted me to buy this was the vibrant green of the gelatinous rice cake. The grated coconut was fresh and made the cuchi-pan look more appetizing. However, upon tasting, there was very little trace of pandan and the recipe was a bit too starchy for kutsinta.
For me, , the ube dimples  and the snowballs remain the pasalubong of choice rom the good sisters.

Address:Bahay Pastulan, Mayridge, Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Road, Tagaytay City, Cavite
Telephone: (046) 483-3590

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