Saturday, June 9, 2012

Anita Baker

How true is it that there's a Pinoy bakery named "Anita Baker?" Haven't seen the photo so it remains an urban legend to me.

This particular delightful pastry with wild mushroom and Gruyere cheese with truffle oil filling got me on the keyboards again. Got this at Eastwood's Weekend Gourmet Market and it is Baked by Anita.

You can buy it and eat this bite-sized pastry on the spot or buy it frozen by the dozen.

There's also spinach and cream cheese, Italian Sausage, Arroz ala Cubana... but the wild mushroom is the best for me. Bought ours frozen, then reheated it in an oven toaster preheated for 5mins, at 250°C for about 10 minutes. I poked the top a bit with a toothpick so the heat goes inside  without burning the filo pastry. After heating, let it sit for about 3 minutes so you don't burn your tongue because the steam from the defrosted filling can hurt!

So here's the wild mushroom experience: As you bite into the pastry, the lightly buttered filo dough crumbles, the silky wild mushroom  caresses your tongue and the heady aroma of the truffle oil wafts to your palate, then you taste the cheesy, nutty, creamy filling.  You end up with a dilemma: to chew or to extend this experience?  

But--  Me hungry. Me chewed. Me eat again.

This is not a cheap experience, though. One piece is about P60 and it takes all of two bites (for the dainty eater) before it's all over.

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