Thursday, April 19, 2012


Admitedly, I am not a fan of chili. It was more out of need (my stomach was murdering me like a desperate "Hunger Games" tribute)  that A and I agreed to eat at Basil, a new Thai resto at the corner of White Plains and Katipunan Avenues.

Its odd location, amidst the plant and landscaping lots this are is known for, piqued my curiosity. The owners had apparently decided to turn one of the wooden 'barns' into a restaurant. Cozy and eclectic in a Chatuchak meets Sidcor way, the indoor dining area can seat about 80 people, and the outdoor area about another 50.

Since it was raining, soup, Tom Yum in particular,  was in order. We had the  Tom Kai Bai Ma kham Orn (chicken with tamarind flavored broth). It was a surprise to be served a creamy, cheesy soup in metal dish with a fired-up cylinder in the middle to keep it warm.

Yup that red thing is a siling labuyo!
We ordered the Pad Thai , Thai pork adobo and the chicken Pandan.

Have I mentioned I am not a fan of chili? The dishes were adequately flavored, competently cooked. The noodles were a bit greasy. Filling. Nothing memorable, though.

Good thing we downed everything with ice cold beer.
Would probably go back there to check out the Pla Kao Rad Prik that the people seated beside us ordered. But then that's another blog for another day.

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