Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wagyu Beef Rocks!

A friend recently treated us to a nice dinner at the House of Wagyu Stonegrill in the New Eastwood Mall. It's one of the must-visit places if you like a good steak.

This particular piece of Striploin steak is served raw with a sprinkling of rock salt on a bed of volcanic rock brought in from Mount Vesuvius. The slab is heated up to as much as 700 degrees and allows you to grill your dinner to the level of doneness you prefer. 

I like my steak medium rare. So I have to make sure to finish the 220-gram steak before the center gets all browned up. This was an easy task to do since the high-grade beef was well marbled and therefore, soft to the bite. The steak comes with soup and  vegetable sidings.

You may end up smelling like grilled beef after a meal but it's well worth it.

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