Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Got the chance to grab a quick dinner with A. at Som's near Rockwell last Sunday. 
The Thai restaurant, which became famous for its home-cooked Thai dishes and the outdoor dining set-up has moved in to this new building since January of this year. The old apartment which used to front the carinderia-like facade has been demolished. The new interiors gives an old Binondo feel, reminding me of Ma Mon Luk only this time the photo menu on the wall features Phad Thai and Pandan Chicken, and instead of Buddha, you see the King of Thailand's portrait. IEating here now feels different  from the past dining-on-the-street experience but somehow you still get the quirky vibe of the old place.

Since it was just a quick meal, I ordered the prawn salad. At first glance, it doesn't look Thai nor Asian. The secret is in the fish paste-based vinaigrette. You have to spoon the salty and sour dressing to make sure it coats the fresh greens. After shelling, dip the boiled fresh shrimp in the dressing and eat with a forkful of the veggies. Then you'll understand why this salad is on Som's menu.

A. had the pork in oystersauce and Bagoong rice. Personally, I never enjoyed the bagoong  (fish paste) that comes with the rice as I find it too sweet. Though I don't mind the added tamarind flavoring that they mix into the fish paste. 
 The pork was okay. A bit too hot for A.'s very Pinoy taste buds.

Will definitely come back here for the Phad Thai,  fried Lapulapu and choco-soy drink. Until then, Som's.

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