Sunday, September 4, 2016


Doing errands at the mall is always a good excuse to check out restos I haven’t tried out yet.  Half a day of walking always makes me hungry and looking for comfort food.  Luckily, a Kuya J restaurant had a lot of empty tables after the lunchtime rush.

The menu was pretty clear about what they were offering- Pinoy comfort food with a twist. To start with, I ordered one of their  specialties, Grilled Scallops topped with butter and cheese. 

The platter was full and good to share but the round seafood was oddly brownish instead of white like a thumb-sized burger patty. The garlic topping was pre-cooked and the flavor did not seep in which made the dish taste like cheese and butter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of processed dairy but I was expecting it to complement the salty-sweet of fresh scallops.

Good thing  I had the Lumpiang Presko after. The sauteed crab meat and labong (bamboo shoot) was prettily wrapped in malungay-flavored egg-wrapper with the sweet garlic sauce sauce and freshly crushed peanuts on the side. 

To top the meal, I had Adobo sa Mangga, pork belly stewed in soy sauce and vinegar sweetened by ripe, yellow mangoes. The pork was tender enough but the sauce is just too sweet for me.

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  1. my batch mates from Columban High School Olongapo City had a lunch function here at Kuya J REsto Harbor Point SBMA , the food is good but the service was not so good , i had ordered two crispy pata, chop suey, pakbet , kare kare regular and kare kare bagnet , sinigang belly boneless, pancit , mongo in gata bitter melon and others . what was so bad was that instead of cooking all my orders and serving it all it was piece mealed to us kaya by the time the other orders came eh ubos na yun meals that came first LOL. if the manager of this kuya j resto branch reads this please lang pag marami orders of a big group like ours (25 persons) ay lutuin lahat then serve to the group . it was like this also when my wife and i and i ate at Kuya J Resto at Clark , my order came first and then my wife's order came after a few minutes so i had to wait to eat until my wife's order came late. the food serve at Kuya J is really good but if service is like this you will lose a lot of customers. take a tip and have the manager go to Coco Lime SBMA and see how good service and food is serve agad