Thursday, June 16, 2016


I guess the question on your mind is... what the hell is Sambong?

It is a flowering plant with the scientific name is Blumea balsamifera also known as subsub in the Iocos region and bukadkad in the Visayan provinces. It is often mistaken for sage (Salvia officialis) because of its similarly hairy leaves and medicinal properties.
It is usually used as a diuretic to treat urinary and kidney problems. But our forefathers also used it to cure common colds, diarrhea and wounds. These days, it is often turned into tea sold in many health stores.

Some people may have felt that medicinal tea is so boring. Eating chips would make more  people with urinary tract problems pee their pants in excitement. Great idea, terrible recipe. The flavor of the sambong overpowers everything. Every bite tastes like a tortilla topped with a spoonful of dried herbs. They tried to mask the overly herbal taste with a bit more salt and pepper but it only resulted to disastrous over seasoning. I do hope the makers of Sambong Chips would rethink and retest their recipe because we do need more healthy snacks.


I believe the Nikimat's label is produced by the same makers of Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips. Get linked by clicking here.

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