Wednesday, May 27, 2015


They're both nuts! Not!
What's the difference between these nuts? 
In botany, real "nuts" are specifically indihescent fruits or fruits that have solid shells growing around the seed and do not naturally open  upon maturity. But a peanut fruit, which grows underground with the roots of the peanut shrub, has a shell with a seam that splits open to reveal the pods inside.   

Technically, the peanut is not a nut.
Image courtesy of Koehler Images
Are you shell shocked? Don't be, because the cashew is not just a nut poser but a fruit poser as well!

The cashew is a seed of the cashew apple that grows outside its shell (talk about being rebellious) and above ground.  And because the seed grows outside the fruit, it's technically not a fruit. I guess, it figured why not expose my nut, that would be the ultimate disguise!
Image courtesy of Koehler Images

Here's a tale of the (nutritional) tape:

But when it comes to being buttered, which nut poser is better?
The Cashew Butter on the left has more oil and was not grainy. This meant it did not stick to the ngalangala (upper palate) as much as the peanut butter but it tastes fattier. However, the cashew butter carries the roasted flavor better than the peanut butter.
Cashew Butter
The peanut butter, the more familiar butter, is a paler brown and a milder flavor. Weirdly, even of the cashew has higher sugar content, the peanut butter I tasted was sweeter.  It's grainier than the cashew butter but spreads very well.

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