Friday, May 22, 2015


I was on a weekend getaway with friends when we chanced upon this hole in the wall, just right outside the gates of Subic Bay Freeport.
We were looking for home-cooked meal and we saw the ihawan right beside it. Luckily, the ihaw-ihaw place did not serve rice and had no seating. We were 'forced' to order food at 'Leah's Lutong Bicol' so we could occupy a table. And did it turn out to be the best mischance we had for the night because the laing is one of the best I tasted.
We ordered Laing, the famous Bicolano dish made of dahon ng gabi, gata and sili.  

Aling Leah, a Bicolana who married and settled down in Subic, shared that her spicy laing is based on a family heirloom recipe and uses only kakang gata (pure coconut cream) giniling na baboy (ground pork). She simmers the ingredients for a long time to really integrate the gata into the gabi leaves and pork.

So, when you find yourself hungry in Subic, go and check out  Lea's Lutong  Bicol.

Address: 525 Rizal Avenue, West Tapinac, Olongapo City
Telephone: 0908-748-8255

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