Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I know it;s been two months since the Chinese New Year but l just have to share this picture of one humongous lucky kumquat tree I saw in Singapore.
Oranges, tangerines and their smaller cousin, the kumquat, are traditionally grown by the Chinese to bring them luck. The Chinese words for "orange" (chéngsè) is similar to the word "auspicious" (xiáng), thus, the association.  To bring more luck, owners would decorate these shrubs by hanging small red envelopes, which are called ang pao in the Philippines but are more commonly known as hong bao.
The kumquat is a shrub that can grow as high as 4 meters and grows white flowers that eventually turn into cute, edible oranges smaller than your palm. Round kumquats are more commonly grown, not because of their shape (round objects are considered lucky)  but because they  are sturdier and can grow even in colder temperatures.

Don't change your luck by eating the fruit from these potted plants as they get more fertilizer than your average orchard kumquat.

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