Saturday, April 11, 2015


Would you like to munch on a hot and crispy, protein-packed snack? How about some chichaworm?
Photo courtesy of Tarsier Conservation Area/ Tripadvisor
Saw this on the news today. I haven't tried it. Would like to, though.

We are now entering the "Era of Worms and Insects" as sustainable food. Insects are now being harnessed as animal feed. The EU community has even set up a project, PROteINSECT, to champion the cause. While Discovery News reports that worms  have better protein content than beef.  It won't be long now until fastfood joints will serve McWorms.

Pinoys have started to join the squirming bandwagon. These mealworms, fried to a crisp and spiced with chili, are perfect for pulutan. When you've gone on to drink until you're almost passed out, these crispy creatures worms will definitely look delicious enough to put in your mouth.
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