Monday, November 24, 2014


This blog entry was written sometime in  2013 when I was attempting  to go back to food blogging.

 My hubby, the real grammar Nazi, was first to spot this ad with a problematic Filipino grammar.

Here's  a concise version of the rule on the right usage of the unlapi (prefix).

 Yeah, it might be from Wikipedia but it's still right.

I wouldn't have minded it if it weren't plastered on a billboard across EDSA and if the advertiser hadn't used it nationally televised commercials. I made a short rant post on my FB page about it because it really bothered me that the company and the agency would be so careless in its copy. 

I guess it wasn't just me who noticed the mistake because soon after, the billboards were changed.

I don't know if they changed the  TV commercial, too. I'm just glad that whoever gave the go signal to spend a bit more to correct a mistake did so. Salamat.

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