Thursday, July 5, 2012


Recently shared another great dinner with a friend who recently celebrated his birthday at Mamou, Serendra.   Just a small group but not very quiet.

We started out with the Mamou Charcuterie. Hard to pronounce but very easy to eat. It's a set of  cold cuts (which is what the word charcuterie means) served on a thick chunk of wood.
A platter of prosciutto, pepper salami, sliced chorizo iberico, soft cow's milk, cranberry stilton cheese, green olives with baby gherkins, guindillas, raspberry jam & honey.

The first plate to be served was the  citrus rubbed pork & chicken served with  red Cuban rice, cinnamon saba and black beans. Looked like Arroz Ala Cubana but instead of ground pork, the dish was served with lechon manok and lechon carahay.

This was a great partner to the Palm Spring rolls (Lumpiang Ubod).

The other great partnering for the night was the Angus Ribeye steak and the Healdsburg's Harvest with the cranberry vinaigrette dressing.

Someone ordered Lorenzo's Truffle Cream using whole wheat spaghettini, truffle- flavored cream and topped with the Grana Padano Cheese, a popular grated cheese made mostly near Milan.

Now that I am thinking about it... Mamou sounds French, looks French but what we ordered wasn't very French at all. Mostly Pinoy food with Anglo-fied names. Or occidental cuisine with Pinoy versions. Interesting food for thought. 

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