Sunday, July 15, 2012


"Naglilihi ka ba?" (Are you craving food because you're pregnant?)
"Buntis ka ba?" (Are you pregnant?)
"Ilang taon na ang panganay mo?" (What's the age of your eldest child?)
"Pang-ilan mo na yan?" (How many kids do you have?)
"Kailan ka manganganak?" (When are you due to give birth?)

These are questions I hate getting asked.

I've never had a child. I'm not planning on having one  anytime soon.

These are questions I usually get asked when someone I have not seen for a long time wants to break ice. They ask this because they don't want to say to your face that you've gained so much weight, you look like you always eat for two.
And if you like to eat green mangoes, a food craved by many Pinays during their first trimester of pregnancy, you are sure to be unfairly barraged by these questions.

So to those whom I have not seen for a long time. No. I am not pregnant.
I'm a fat woman who likes to eat green mangoes. 

There I said it. 

Am I sorry for saying it? No.
Will you be sorry for asking me the questions listed above? Probably.

This Green Mango Sorbet by Sebastian's is  what brought on this particular train of rant thought.

If you want your green mangoes cold, then this is the way to enjoy it.
Ms. Ice cream attendant scoops some sorbet, heats up the bagoong in the microwave...

... pours it on the sorbet. the warm fishpaste  melts the top of the icy concoction.
Yup, that's real bagoong!
Scooping a spoonful of icy green mango with bits of fish paste is  a weird experience,  I have to admit. But the dude who runs the artisanal ice cream joint is probably weirder. I don't know him and I'm afraid to be his friend because he might just make me taste test ampalaya ice cream.

I think the sorbet can work well on its own. maybe in a sit-down dinner, in between courses.

On the first day that the Katipunan branch opened, I tasted "Once In a Blue Moon"- blue cheese ice cream topped with crunchy walnuts and honey.
I have to warn you, though. It takes some getting used to. And you might want to take it in small amounts. It might be TMTH.

If freaky ice cream flavors ain't your thing, then you might want to start off with these flavors:
Mango Sans Rival
Chocoholics Anonymous
But if you;re feeling a bit experimental, they also have their Proudly Pinoy line: Sapin-sapin, Tibok-Tibok, Champorado and Mangga't Suman. 

A taste for weird and wacky flavors are not exclusive to craving pregnant women. 
It can be for anyone now.


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  1. Too funny, Mike! I don't think I'll have the guts to eat green mango sorbet with bagoong, though. :)