Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seafood merienda Overload at Panciteria San Jacinto

Panciteria San Jacinto, one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Manila is located  along the always- congested C-5 National Highway. Was lucky enough for a quick merienda stopover  and sample its Cantonese cuisine.

Since it was a cloud cast day, Hototay was the first order for the merienda. The egg was already mixed in the soup unlike the practice in many Chinese resturants where the staff would crack the egg after opening the steaming silver soup pot. The soup stock, richly flavoured with pork and poultry lent it taste to the vegetables and seafood which you know were added in at the last part of the cooking process because of its bright colors and plumpness.
We just had to try the San Jacinto Seafood Chow Mein. The noodles were tasty and firm despite the starchy, light brown sauce.  The dish did not disappoint as it was loaded with vegetables and seafood.

To go with the soup and noodles were the hakaw or steamed shrimp dumplings served in warm bamboo baskets and dipped in soy sauce with chili oil.

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