Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pinaksiw na Galunggong

In the 80's, the galunggong was seen by many City folk as one of the lowliest fishes, the poor man's fish. It was such a staple on many Filipino tables that it became an economic index and a rallying symbol every time consumer goods prices would go up. However, in recent years, this fish, also known as as mackerel scad, has been overturned by the instant noodles as an economic indicator for poverty.
From the Philippine Institute  of Development Studies

This fish is usually ried until the skin is crispy while the oily, tasty flesh inside remains tender. So when I came across a fresh batch in the market, I decided to do something different. Paksiw!
Heres' the very simple recipe. Enjoy cooking and eating your Pinaksiw na Galunggong!

3/4 kg. galunggong, cleaned and washed. do not salt
3/4 cup palm vinegar ( I use the Ilonggo langgaw)
1 head garlic, peeled and crushed
1 red onion, sliced
1 piece (two thumbs big) ginger
1 siling haba
1 dried laurel leaf
pepper corn and patis (fish paste) to taste

Clean the fish by removing gills and innards. Place on a cooking pan. Pour vinegar and top with spices. Cover and cook in low heat. When the paksiw simmers, add patis to taste. Serve hot with warm rice.

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