Friday, October 28, 2016


Heard about Shawarma Bros when the new wing of UP town Center opened. One lazy weekend, the hubby and I decided to try it out for a late lunch. The places wasn't full so we took time to ask about what was good to eat. The food server recommended their specialty Lamb Steak Rice Meal over the Beef  Shawarma Rice Meal. So that's what I had.

While the hubby got the Chicken Shawarma Rice meal.

He got the "Big bro" serving so his meal was served with  Keema on the side. Keema is stewed minced meat with potatoes (though traditionally it should be peas) often used as bread filling in Mediterranean restaurants.

Both meals were served with salsa topped with a smidge of yoghurt and yellow rice which is supposed to be Turmeric rice but didn't taste much like it. Which is fine by me since I think plain rice always works best with grilled meat.

The Chicken Shawarma was spiced just right- not too hot, not too sour and not too salty.

The lamb steak was flavored to my liking. However, it was tough and rubbery which usually happens when there's not enough fat in the meat or if was cooked too fast in medium high heat. Lamb get tender when cooked in low heat over a long period. The lamb on my plate seemed to have enough fat so  I think the latter is the reason for the  chewy dining experience I had. Disappointed? Yeah. Maybe because they had set my expectation high by telling me it was their specialty. But I think I will give their Beef Shawarma a try next time.

Shawarma Bros.
2/F UP Town Center, C.P Garcia Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

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