Friday, August 12, 2016


This one's a surprise. A good surprise.  I grew up knowing that hopia as a  flaky pastry filled with sweet mung beans and that sebuyas tagalog (Tagalog onions) is pungent and has a unique sharp taste. That these two could come together is a surprise. A pleasant one. 
Discovered these when the hubby brought home some. The onions turned sweet and less pungent when cooked. I'm guessing, sauteed then baked in with the pastry. According to the book On Food and Cooking,"When onions and their relatives are heated, the various sulfur compounds react with each other and with other substances to produce a range of characteristic flavor molecules."Apparently, the sulfur breaks out the sugars as well, thus, the sweetness.

I get my packs from the Supermarket but the label says it's from Margie's Cakes and Pastries from Bacolod. 

Margie's Cakes and Pastries
Address: No. 12 Las Vegas St. Las Palmas Subdivision 
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100 Philippines
Telephone: +63-34 434-9375;  +63-34 433-4566

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  1. hi there. i just read your post because i am trying to learn how to make these. it's been awhile since I've had authentic pinoy style hopia. in naga city sa bikol, ganito ang hopia dun-not the Japanese or Chinese style na 'cake-y' at soft. do you know the recipe for these? i know how to make the crust but i'm wondering about the filling: does it have flour you think-aside from the green onions and sugar? let's figure it out. reply ka ha?