Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This is one tambayan that fried chicken built.
A small hole in the wall in an obscure corner in Teacher's Village, Quezon City is a fried chicken place that students (and teachers) in the area frequent. It's MTRCB-inspired name matches the showbiz-themed interiors, with movie poster, quotable quotes and quirky illustrations of a few favorite Pinoy superhero characters.
The stars of the resto are its chicken, fried in a variety of flavored batter and served with ekstras, the side dishes like rice, mashed potatoes and french fries.
Only had time to grab a box of the That's Entertainment mix of 5 flavored chicken: Buffalo Action Star (Classic Buffalo), Sweet and Spice Bold Star, Honey Teen Star,  Garlic Matinee Idol and Barbecue Star for All Seasons.
I am not a fan of sweetly flavored fried chicken so I would stick to the mildly spiced classic Buffalo or garlic chicken. But since I had these for take-away, the batter was not as crispy when I got home to eat it.
The chicken can ba a tad too oily but isn't that the reason why you like your chicken fried? Was glad that the whole lot of medium-sized cut portions was consistently cooked-through.  It's a problem most chicken places have but I guess the proprietors of the place have had enough experience since this is their second location. The original branch is in Malolos, Bulacan.

I'm surprised tough that it's only listed in Zomato and not in the more popular listings of  Munchpunch and Click The City.  They do have a Facebook page that you can check out.

Address: 48 Magiting Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City
Telephone: 0906 791 2986

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