Monday, February 9, 2015


Yes, You read the title right. That above is Neapolitan spaghetti flavored popsicle from Japanese ice cream maker Gari Gari Kun. The company makes special (read: weird) ice cream flavors seasonally. Last spring it was this tomato sauce-flavored popsicle coating with bits of tomato gelatin.
Eating this was a challenging task even for an ice cream lover like me. It tasted of canned tomato paste- processed with a hint of tin. The first bite disconcerts your taste buds and the impulse is to spit it out. If it does get past your tongue,  there is the gag reflex to contend with. I could only take 2 bites before I said  "Sayonara!"

I found these in Tokyo last year. The staff at the grocery store asked if I really wanted to buy this item ast "It taste bad," he sad. I should have listened.

I hope the next time I get a chance to go to Japan, I'll have the chance to taste the Cream Puff popsicle which I've heard is "exquisite."  Did they finally make something we can actually eat? =)

Photo courtesy of Rocketnews

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