Friday, March 30, 2012


The 1 kilo frozen Zubuchon is waiting to be eaten by 2 people. Me and A. 
It has traveled 571 kilometers from Cebu to my kitchen. How can I deny it?I have not blogged about food in a while but the tender, tasty flesh lying there, counting the minutes before we sink our teeth into it is serving to be a juicy inspiration. At least just enough for me to write this short note.

So. I followed the instructions on the manual that came with the pig-in-a-box. 

Thawed. Oven-reheated.

The skin fried to a crisp. 


I am typing this as I recover from the experience of eating Zubuchon.
Typing a little slower now. Avoiding to get my keyboard greasy.
The skin. Crispy outer layer with a thin lining of salty fat.
Salt & Fat. My favorite food groups.

Try not to get it too dry and burnt, though.

The meat is indeed tender and tasty... you can taste the fresh tangy lemon grass, the Cebu lechon signature ingredient, rising above the other 11 spices used to flavor the pork. 

Ribs. once you've eaten the flesh and fat off the ribs, turn it around and suck through the crevice to get the flavorful bits of dry marinade they use. Liver be damned.

Stock up on rice. Extra rice. This baby deserves to be eaten with carbs.

You can enjoy it sans sawsawan or mix a little Pinakurat with medium soy sauce.

Yes, Zubuchon, I'm not surprised you made Anthony Bourdain say that the Philippine roast pig is the best pig in the world.

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