Thursday, July 7, 2011

The amazing 'Modernist Cuisine' of Nathan Myhrvold

Here's another interesting TED Talk presentation by Nathan Mhyrvold who wrote "Modernist Cuisine". At first, I thought here's another take at fusion recipes that would end up as being "pautot" or pretty food that's pretty unpalatable. however, after seeing his Ted talk, this is obviously not the case. Rather, this is kitchen geekness at its finest.
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What he did was the equivalent of poking through meat as it is being grilled and opening a bottle of pickles being pasteurized. He basically cut things in half, cooked through them to see what happens to food as it is being cooked.
The guy is a polymath who used to work with Microsoft and in 1999, put his energy into different interests like archeology, photogrpahy and world barbecue championships. It's not surprising then that the cookbook is a documented journey to the inner sanctums of gastronomy.

Watch out for the popcorn and the gelatin videos... and wish me luck in getting a copy of the 6th edition that has washable pages.
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