Thursday, November 11, 2010

Singapore Chicken Rice

Been shopping at Shopwise Cubao for several years now and have seen food establishments around it  come and go. The latest food place to spring up is Singapore Chicken Rice, inconspicuously located  near the parking lot entrance and service delivery bay of Shopwise.

The first order of the day was of course the White Chicken Rice which, at P95 per set meal complete with soup and yogurt drink, makes you feel like you've hit the jackpot. Wel,, a P500 peso lotto win anyways ;)

Also took the risk of ordering the pungent Mee Goreng and not the favorably reviewed Pancit Chino. The fried spicy noodles tasted as hot as they look. The only downside to it was it was too overly spiced for my Pinoy palate and smelled like feet.

Instead of trying the usual dessert, I ordered the kaya toast. It's something I could eat everyday for breakfast of someone made it for me everyday. The coconut jam was perfectly complemented by the warm salted butter on the toast. 
I will definitely come back here and take my Kaya toast with the chocolate Dino drink and try the Pancit Chino.

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