Friday, July 30, 2010

BOHOL Once More

Was in beautiful Bohol again and this time I got the chance to eat along the Alona beach stretch. A quieter, less crowded version of Boracay.

Staying in this part of Panglao island with its  sun, sand and gentle surf gave me the chance to sample different grilled delights from the different restos along the shoreline.

Dinner was at a paluto called "Oops!" where we could pick fresh seafood, marinated pork and poultry, sausages and vegetables and have them cooked to our liking.

With the order of inihaw na liempo (grilled pork belly), sugpong guisado sa bawang (prawns sauteed in garlic butter sauce) and sinigang na isda (fish in tamarind soup) came the grilled scorpio shell. Also known as a spider conch, this seashell has a pretty exterior  with curled finger-like extensions protruding from its brownish oval body. inside is a tongue-like flesh that can end up tough and chewy if not grilled properly. Cooked over hot coals in the right amount of time, the flesh becomes tender, flavored by the sea. You have to coax it out of the shell with a fork and  before you have time to examine it closely, pop it into your mouth. No condiments required.

The grilled meal was accompanied by a perfectly chilled bottle of beer.

Also sampled the Four Seasons Pizza from the next door Hayahay restaurant. 
While around town, got the chance to sample some cold delights like home-made Avocado ice candy at the Baclayon Church...

and the "fried" ice cream at the Chocolate Hills viewing deck.

Of course, I did not pass up the  the chance to help myself to some  Kinampay at Cafew Lawis at the Dawis convent. This time though, I got the chance to see how the cafe's accommodating staff prepared the three-part dessert.

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