Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kiss The Cook's New location and new dessert- Fragola

Finally had time to have a nice dinner with A. and our our friends at the new space of Kiss The Cook Gourmet, which is just one building away from its old location.

While the new place has a bigger floor area, it retained the coziness of the old space. The mismatched wooden chairs, tables and lighting fixtures gave the place a sense of randomness you rarely find in other restaurants.  But what I loved most with the new space was the zebra print accent walls in the ladies' washroom. It just brings out my inner Gloria Gaynor :-)

Dinner was good. For starters we had a chorizo platter. Actually, two.  Which was a good call since the serving was a little sparse for our expectations.

The boys all got pasta... the best one had the pan-fried cream dory topping.

And I had falafel burger which had a perfectly seasoned tzatziki served on the side.

To end the night, we shared a Fragola, made of strawberry gelato wrapped in crushed nuts and served with maraschino cherries and Tequila Rose. The creamy liqueur  warmly caresses the palate, a pleasant contrast to the cold tingle brought on by the sweet gelato.

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